Who We Are?

Neda Education and Development for Afghans (Shortly NEDA) is a non-profit, grassroots organization registered in 2016 by region’s most enthusiast, passionate and talented young individuals who have extensive experience in development, education and cultural programs. The young professionals at NEDA have rich background, necessary knowledge and skills to conduct and manage variety of projects and programs that extend from education and training to capacity building and awareness campaign design and implementation. NEDA’s main purpose is working with vulnerable women and children, through designing and implementing education and capacity-building programs as tools for sustainable development and economic empowerment initiatives.

Our Values

Commitment: We believe in commitment as the main input for achieving developmental goals, cooperation culture and improving lives of others in return for creating a more livable environment.
Accountability: Accountability is a culture that requires individual actors to embrace it as a core value. Utilizing this culture will result in development of sense of responsibility and ownership, transparency and authenticity.
Integrity: For effective and long-lasting impacts of development initiatives, integrity shall be considered as a rule for improving all components simultaneously within a system. Sustainable development can only be achieved if all the components of the development system is in proper integrity.

Our Vision

A world without hunger, violence, and inequity!

Our Mission

To provide assistance and building capacities for facilitating various means of development towards a dynamic society where youths and women can actively and effectively take part in development initiatives, through providing awareness and access to alternative education that leads to economic empowerment and sustainability.

- There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up

~ John Holmes

Basically the root of every problem shall be first pursued into the set of behaviors that are common in the society. We have found out that to change a community’s future from worst to best, we must first seek the ways to change their behavior. Working in a an environment where gender is the least considered component, our work requires direct involvement of female team players to act as the other arm of NEDA community in order to effectively function and generate comprehensive results. As a development and education non-profit, trust and accountability plays the vital role in order for NEDA to remain functional. Our donors both national and international believe in our work and we believe that sharing our success stories and financial audit reports with the public have led to build a strong mutual trust between NEDA and its donors. NEDA continues to develop and design programs that have a long-lasting effect, back-up plans and reasonable sustainability and success rate. A program, even at its ultimate phase, if not sustainable afterwards, is obviously a failure.

Our Story

Neda began with a simple social media approach with the sole purpose of having the society care about the street children issues. The social media page included facts and short stories of street children with daily photographs. As time went on, many of the people who used to follow the page came up asking how to help these children. As a result of enthusiasm and affection of the feelings people had about Afghan children, finally the organization was registered to bring together the ideas and ambition of these generous and kind people in order to design and develop programs that can directly engage the children and families with urgent needs, one at a time. Since then, NEDA have undertook many volunteer activities in order to enlighten families and individuals to care and help some of the poorest families across the country.